Universal gravitation





Is the apple seen to fall out of a tree, very does it become when it is from ten meters that are higher than the tree, and when it is 100 meters, does the newton :?Do when it is 200 meters?Still, the apple drops.
Then, does the apple drop when the height is made higher and it says up to the height of the moon?
It is sure to fall as long as gravity works. The moon doesn't drop to ・・・ either.

Because the power that starts flying somewhere by power where power and the moon where the earth pulls the moon turn is just fished and is suitable. Idea that gravitation works between heavenly body and heavenly body.

This gravitation and 2 that works between gravity and the heavenly body working tie to the object on the earth, and the newton is discovered in the place where it was proven that it was the one of the character as which it is the same.

It can be understood that it is said well. However, the apple was not seen but in view of there, having swollen the imagination

Ben Klock Remix - Francesco Tristano-Idiosynkrasia

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