Monky Island




Uninhabited island that floats on Kanagawa Prefecture Yokosuka City Sashima and Tokyo Bay. The maximum, natural island in bay.
It becomes a capital defense base in Tokyo Bay in front of World War II at the end of shogunate. It became the jurisdiction of Department of the Army and Department of the Navy when Daiba of the government of Ed was constructed at the end of shogunate, and it entered the Meiji era, and the Sashima battery in the Tokyo Bay fortress was constructed. The fortress mark that digs up Shimauchi's rock wall and was covered with the brick remains now though this facilities have not been actually used for the actual combat, and very few Flanders volumes are seen in Japan.

It has gone because it had not been though it is near from the house.

Best day!

Let's go!  Mikasa port → Monky Island

Monky Island!

brick fortress

A lot of nature remains in the island.

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