Hot Rod Custom Show 2011

Go to "Hot Rod Custom Show 2011" at Yokohama by  solo and jazz.

20th Anniversary Hot Rod Custom Show!!
*my photo is only detail. check the other site about cool style photo.

Overseas guests waiting for entrance ...

EVIL SPIRIT - Michael Baragan: http://www.evilspiritengineering.com/

                                                                             Mark Drews

HAED9 CHOPPERS - Danny Schneider:http://www.hardninechoppers.com/
                              CHABOTT ENGINNEERING - Shinya Kimura:http://www.chabottengineering.com/menu.html

 VERONIKA - Kazuto Uchida:http://veronika-ftw.blogspot.com/

                                                                                It comes out of the hall and is to a parking lot...

there was more cool  spirit-bike here!
Sedition "Style Wars":http://5edition.blogspot.com/


                   It is precious experience as concentration of many ideas which do not come
                   at once can be seen.

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  1. ど、何処でその写真を?

  2. うれしいよね!!